Chamomile Crush

by Oshwa

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released August 8, 2013

All music written by Oshwa

Recorded and mixed by Steve Marek and Oshwa
Mastered by Carl Saff

Alicia Walter - Composer, Arranger, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Dulcimer
Michael Mac - Vocals, Guitar
Matthew Noonan - Bass
Jordan Tate - Drums

Additional instrumentalists:
Amanda Bailey - Violin, Viola
Marissa Deitz - Cello
Juan Hernandez - Clarinet
Morgan Krauss - Flute
Sophie Creutz - Alto Sax
Chris Dageforde - Bari sax
Kevin Gawthorp - Bari sax

Album artwork by Molly Costello



all rights reserved


Oshwa Brooklyn, New York

The "finely controlled art-pop explosion" (Wired Magazine) of Brooklyn-based Alicia Walter.


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Track Name: Old Man Skies
I’ve been a long time singin’ this song, singin’ this all way home and
I been a long time singin’ this song, singin’ this our way an’

Dance! Dance!
For no one but yourself

Found out I’m finding, n’ feeling my own breathing time
I stay back lately, lately I groan old man sighs

Running like rabbits, they’re belly-side down, bat-like, I fly
I suck down peaches, and twilight, it grates

Old man, old man
Old man, old man

Seiks nam dlo setarg ti ,emit thgin dna sehcaep nwod kcus i ylf i ,ekil-tab nwod edis ylleb er'yeht ,stibbar ekil gninnur shgi-i-i-i-i-i-is nam dlo naom i yletal ,yletal kcab yats i emit gnihtaerb nwo ym gnileef 'n ,gnidnif m'i tuo dnuoF
Track Name: Baraboo
We may be falling like coconuts
from a ripened tree along the salty breeze...
or we may be falling like uranium!

Drive real far to the lake in the crater
Mattress flew the car, but it missed, I think we’ll make it --
was the wildest way to go, out in the wild where our eyes will glow

Feed by the red hot fire that we made
Smoke the kernels out, wash it down with ginger ale
I think I feel somethin’ comin’ on, the move is small but it moves ‘til dawn

Childish, we shake like flies, oh, how we shake,
But babies we wake in hunger, oh, how we wake!

Laughin at the camp, call “Heima!”
You want me to talk, but I think I just forgot
This is the wildest way to go, look at your eyes, they are big and slow

Water, water, make for it fast!
You stick on the pavement and I’ll stick with the grass
This thirst is down in the ‘tom of me, my tongue can’t move when it’s so sticky

Childish, we shake like flies, oh, how we shake
but babies, we wake in hunger, oh, how we wake!

Lay us down in bags for a little while
I can see the light, and your hand is on my side
This was the wildest way to go, our bodies twitching to and fro
Track Name: Tigers
Can’t say nothin’, nothin’, about somethin’, somethin’
Without wishin’ it had never been said
And when the tigers come, they come with mouths open
They’ll let their tongues roll right our their head

Call me foolish, boil your blood!
I’m still standing, you’re still stuck!
Track Name: Suburban Pining
Suburban pining, lying down
We look to the stars -- how nice

We try ever striving, telescopes line
Our windows at night -- how nice
Track Name: Chamomile Crush
Oh, unexpected and tremendous, we may be falling
From the tree, we’re floating

And you aren’t in the knowing, and as the sun’s approaching
We are guardedly in arms

All the trees alive, I’d cut them down to get to you
Burn down all the chamomile and tend the fire to signal you

I’d swim for miles and still the wind for you to ride
I’d dim the lights

As we involve ourselves in new complications,
Try, an’ get back to a place we’ve never been before

And I cannot bend you, I am consumed
My words, I fear I may have lost

All the starry skies!
I’d tie them down to give to you
Lasso all the asteroids and throw them out to miss you

I’d risk the Nile, excite the atoms of different kinds
I’d dim the lights
Track Name: Emily
Emily, we’ll never meet
You’ll always be my Caroline

Walking slowly, down an alley
I think I might be paralyzed

But what would the neighbors think?
As they watch from their kitchen sinks,
We might offend

Would she want to hold my books
And walk me down the boulevard?

And would she maybe, just maybe
Want to stop beneath the streetlight?
Track Name: Salty Crackers
You are feeding me sunbeams
While I sit on the sill

Dripping flesh into
My eyes, my eyes
I am through you
Both seen and alive, and alive, and alive

Come and be, happiness
Shuttered and blind
Shivering, restless

Come and be, wavering thought
Walking in circles and hinting at...

I am animated in
Your stomach walls, alone

Sitting in sentiment
And suspiciously owned
And alive, and alive

And yeah, I would like to be
Closer to the bones that are rotting in me
Track Name: Runnin
Would you take me away?
And if I wanted to, would you stay, would you stay with me?

Cause I been feelin’ pretty useless
And I been growin’ pretty tired
So I went out into the forest
And I learned, I learned how cry

Cause sometimes we forget why
We don’t fly, but we run
Yeah, sometimes we forget why
We don’t fly, but we run

How we run
Oh lord, how we run

So I’ll sit still and wait for you
And when you feel it, too
I’ll be right here for you
And you’ll lay down, yeah, you’ll lay down with me

Cause I been told I have an old soul
And I been told never to lie
So I’ll leave, I’ll leave you with a whistle
And that way, you’ll know you are mine

Cause sometimes we forget why
We don’t fly, but we run
Yeah, sometimes we forget why
We don’t fly, but we run

Oh lord, how we run
Oh lord, how we run