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this ep is a collection of tracks i've made over the past couple of years that i've recently revisited and had some "OH YEAHHHHHHHH" moments to. and then i realized that in some way or another, each one of these tracks marked a different, personal risktaking of sorts, and i've always liked sticking to my guts, so why not just name it ...guts?


released June 1, 2011

all songs written, performed, and recorded by alicia walter! props to gabriel solis for leaving that bass in the ubuntu basement while he served in nam.




Oshwa Brooklyn, New York

The "finely controlled art-pop explosion" (Wired Magazine) of Brooklyn-based Alicia Walter.


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Track Name: clean tracks
the swinging of the trees
all low on the ground
that's where i'll be
cause i can't stand to keep acting so civilized
when i'm not even sure there's a reason why


i'll sing you something beautiful
that i found buried underground
near the rivers of our mothers
who taught us how to hear

the garden hose lies limp
he's playing the snake
he's lyin' down
i lie down
as i learn how to keep my own company
i'm starting to see animals in everything
Track Name: lark song
i find a song in the night
sounds that hide from the light hee
i find a song in the night
sounds that hide from the light hee

so day hee oh oo wayyy hee he hoo

i know you in your landlocked body
wet and every ready facing home
hands that wring each other wring me too
and leave both our faces blue, boy, both our faces are blue

sing a lullaby
sing good night
when the lark sounds
you won't be found, no you won't be found
Track Name: disappointing wednesdays
man, i'm goin down
man, i'll take you down

we sit cross-legged improvising love
in your family room
Track Name: basement dwelling
they'll find our bodies
all lying and rotting on hillsides
stacked on each other
we'll touch like we wanted in lifetime

so it's la da da da da da da da da... la da

cause we're losing grace by saving our face
and you're all everything that nobody's wanting
yeah you're just everything that nobody's wanting
so come on

and we pack in basements
shoulder to shoulder no talking
ignoring the sweat that you drip on my elbow
i'm smiling

so its la da da da da da da da da ... la da

cause i know your secret
the smoke in your mouth isn't hiding
yeah you're just everything that nobody's wanting
you're everything nobody's wanting
so come on
Track Name: sharing cup
lightning bugs and my time flies
breathe deep of a thornbrush night
see you standin there buckskin
nothin' to be naked in
chipmunks chchchchchch and the fox says nothin' at alllllllll

can't remember streetlights
catching red leaves as they fall
now, mom got up when sun went down
...pass the sharing cup around